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Where does my power come from?

Wasps Energy customers are supplied electricity under the following licence: Npower Limited.

The table below shows the fuel sources for the electricity supplied under Npower's licences in the latest reporting period and the UK national average for the same period. It’s based on figures provided by the DECC.

This fuel mix information is provided to comply with Electricity Supply License Condition 21, which has been implemented by the Electricity (Fuel Mix Disclosure) Regulations 2005 to make article 3(6) of the EU Electricity Directive (2003/54/EC) happen.

Fuel mix for 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017

Fuel Type                                                                   Npower Limited
Coal                                                                             1%
Gas                                                                              79.7%
Nuclear                                                                       0.9%
Renewable                                                                  18%
Other                                                                           0.4%

Please note, due to rounding, the figures may not exactly add up to 100%.

The environmental impact information per kWh of electricity supplied under Npower's licenses is shown below. It’s calculated based on figures from the DECC − the details can be found at the DECC website.

Environmental Information                                    Npower Limited
Carbon Dioxide Emissions (g/kWh)                            298
Radioactive Waste (g/kWh)                                       0.00006

Carbon Dioxide Emissions: The weighted average of the carbon dioxide emitted in the production of electricity from each fuel source. This is calculated based on figures from BEIS − details can be found at the BEIS website.

Radioactive Waste: The radioactive waste, being fuel burnt in the reactor to be subsequently discharged as spent fuel. This is calculated based on figures from the DECC − details of these can be found at the BEIS website.

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