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How do I read my meter?

Digital meter:

  • Read from left to right
  • The top reading in this example is 450
  • The bottom reading is 1906
  • Ignore the red numbers

Dial meter:

  • If your dial meter has the two top dials in red, ignore them
  • Take reading from the bottom set of dials
  • Note the direction in which each dial is moving
  • Take the number that the dial has just passed
  • The reading for the dial meter in this example is 9704
  • Digits that are red or highlighted in red represent decimal places and can be ignored

Electronic meter:

  • Show readings for more than one meter
  • View the readings by pushing a button or scrolling automatically
  • The display will show a total reading of the two or more meters combined. Only send the individual readings 

Be safe

  • Do not touch any part of your meter
  • If your meter is high up, make sure you can reach it safely
  • Call an electrician if there are any loose or exposed wires
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